What We Do

Bankfoot APAM delivers tailored development solutions that drive remarkable real estate outcomes and returns for our partners. 

Our dedicated and experienced development management team is uniquely positioned to help you realise the full potential of your assets. 

By deploying our knowledge of the development life-cycle and real estate markets ensures we consistently provide innovative and effective solutions across all sectors.  


We are development experts who deliver exceptional buildings for our clients. We work with property investors, banks, and institutional funds to maximise their existing assets and unlock new value-add potential. We bring a huge amount of experience, vision, and dedication to the development process – maximising the development opportunity at every stage of the development cycle.

Over the past 5 years alone Bankfoot APAM have advised on over 65+ real estate projects, with an investment value of over £2.25B.

We understand that delivering a development within budget and on time is critical to the overall success of a development and investment strategy.

Bankfoot APAM have a strong and well-established track-record of delivering successful developments across various sectors throughout the UK – all driven by our honest and straight-forward style, combined with a comprehensive and risk-balanced management approach.

We very much believe that the world needs better buildings, which are much more than simply ticking the boxes of regulatory compliance.

Our vision is driven by a sustainability, wellness and tech innovation. Bankfoot APAM have an established record of creating and delivering ESG-focussed, sustainable developments that push the boundaries of what we should expect from greener, smarter and healthier buildings.

Bankfoot APAM have first-hand understanding and capability across a number of real estate sectors, with an intimate and detailed knowledge around occupier and user trends. Whether that is the demands of a resident in a high-density residential scheme through to the tenant demands within a market-leading sustainable office development.

We have a constant, real-time handle on every point of the development life cycle – from acquisition, design, procuring, demolition, construction, leasing, and management – giving us a unique insight to enable us to shape a successful scheme whilst managing risk at every stage.

Our development strategies are informed by detailed viability studies, along with an inquisitive and creative approach to pushing the boundaries. We undertake regular and exhaustive optioneering appraisals on variations of a scheme to determine the most appropriate and profitable route forward.

Bankfoot APAM are comfortable and skilled with any project, whether that is refurbishment and re-positioning of an existing asset through to a complete re-imagining of a space to create something completely new.

Bankfoot APAM have extensive experience of creating schemes incorporating a mix of uses, which are often delivered through complex masterplans. Through our understanding and ability to balance what can be exciting synergies between these varied spaces where people live, work and play allows us to capitalise on the exciting opportunities and create some amazing places.

Bankfoot APAM is a specialist in development management with the ability to draw on the wider Catella APAM business, if required and appropriate.

Everything from well-established Investment and Asset Management services through to Property and Facilities Management, both in the UK but also across Europe. When combined they can provide an effective and complimentary end-to-end service for our clients and partners.