Impacts - What we Do

Our Responsible Investment values go beyond our investments and shape everything we do in our business. As we continue to grow and adapt, our culture remains focused on wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, trust, speaking up and giving back to our communities.


Wellbeing & Mental Health

Our business is our people – our #WorkWell, wellbeing and mental health programmes bring our values and culture to life.  We encourage our staff to be thought leaders on subjects that they are passionate about and we support them in exploring networking and training opportunities that will enhance their personal and professional growth. 

We offer staff generous employee benefits and encourage them to exercise, take breaks throughout the working day and to practice mindfulness to maintain focus and a good physical and mental wellbeing. 

Diversity & Inclusion

We firmly believe that a diverse workforce brings creative and innovative thinking through different experiences and perspectives.

Our inclusive approach to recruitment focuses on attracting the best candidates for the role to our organisation. We apply this approach within the team to foster an environment of acceptance and to ensure staff feel valued. Opportunities are given to everyone to ensure they can develop and thrive in our business. Continued training, staff development and career progression opportunities form an integral part of our talent support and retention programme.

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Trust & Speaking Up

APAM’s Buddy scheme provides a welcomed opportunity for the team to connect and look out for each other. This scheme spans the entire APAM team and each buddy group has a senior member of staff to support and mentor the group.

We place great importance on creating a culture that empowers employees to raise issues or conduct that concerns them. Through our whistleblowing policy, we provide trusted avenues for those who want to raise concerns confidentially without any fear of reprisal. Identifying potential problems and risks allows us to continually improve and to be accountable.

Social Responsibility

APAM champions a diverse range of charity partners from all over the world. Each year we designate a specific budget for charitable contributions and strive to make real and positive impacts through our support. In addition to our firm wide charities, staff are encouraged to nominate individual charities that are local to their communities and to organise fundraising initiatives with the full support of APAM. We have a matched giving policy to help these individual initiatives and a volunteering time off scheme to encourage staff to take time out of the working day to offer support to different communities. Through our choice of international partners and local initiatives we strive to foster a sense of community and inclusion while spreading awareness for the causes we support.



Sustainability is a core value across our business in both decision making and how we operate. We look to include green clauses in any new spaces we take and consider sustainability in any new fit outs. In our offices we have power saving systems to ensure we conserve energy and designated recycling points to reduce our refuse to landfill.

We provide free rail cards for staff and encourage our workforce to use public transport wherever possible but if not available to be mindful of their emissions and carpool. We have a cycle to work scheme to promote sustainable travel for both environmental and wellbeing factors.


All staff receive training at least annually on RI practices and APAM’s core values. Team members are actively encouraged to participate in industry events and workshops. We strive to constantly learn from other stakeholders and partners. 

In the same way, we seek to encourage others to integrate RI into their work practices, we are humble enough to recognise that we do not always have all the answers and actively seek ways to work with and learn from other leaders within in the industry and beyond.